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Planning for our 5th & Final exhibit is underway. If you would like to take part in curating this year's exhibit, then contact us below!
Submission deadline: March 28, 2014.

What we do.

In 2010 AfroChic, the company was formed by a group of four high school friends who wanted to put together an event celebrating culture and beauty for women in the Afro-Canadian community. They sought to move their audience through experiences and opinions uttered from varying interpretations on natural beauty within their community. AfroChic evolved from an annual showcase into an ongoing community organization, committed to challenging issues by creating open and warm platforms of expression for the many voices we know and love in this beautiful city.

AfroChic is an organization led by young professionals who like to be known as creative engineers. It promotes and reinforces community mobilization by challenging systemic oppression and spearheading development initiatives within racialized and marginalized groups. AfroChic evolves old school ideologies into new-age motivation through the vehicles of art and open dialogue to provide a transformative and enlightening spaces for creativity and solidarity within underserved Canadian arts and business groups. We seek to dispel negative conceptions of people perpetuated by stereotypes in media and society. We seek to advocate for accountability and mobility in self-definition towards our communities’ progression. We seek to support local youth leaders and entertainers to engage, showcase and collaborate within AfroChic’s events/programs.

AfroChic Cultural Arts Exhibit is produced by AfroChic, a youth run organization who develop unique spaces and experiences through the talents of creative engineers in Toronto. We execute an annual exhibit which highlights the cultural and rich energy of the distinct and very colorful African-Canadian community of Canada.

Over five years in the making, AfroChic has become one of Toronto’s pre-eminent art exhibitions having featured over 150 up and coming fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, digital artists and spoken word vocalists. AfroChic has attracted hundreds of Torontonians and international guests.

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